Friday, December 18, 2009

Falling Down on the Job

I've been reading other blogs and slobbering over the Robalicious photos but, sadly, can't think of a single thing to say that I haven't already said. However, I have noticed that in photos of Rob (drool) where he isn't smiling, he looks like he's about 30. That remowes the "ew" factor of slobbering over him. When he smiles, he looks his age or younger. Interesting. Tortured Heathcliff look with scruff = 30 years old-ish and not as awkward to save photos on my hard drive. Clean-shaven and laughing = "He's hott but young enough to be...much younger than me. Ew. So Rob, instead of what I've said in the past, keep up the scruff. We'll all feel less guilty that way!!

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