Monday, November 15, 2010

A Rob Meme

Yes, it's the Twi-meme seen 'round the world. The Twiworld, that it. You know - the only world that really matters, natch. What I wouldn't give to snag that bad boy (and the photo) to put in here but no luck so far.

I went to see Eclipse so long ago that reviewing it here is pointless. I let my sorry little excuse for a blog all on its lonesome for a loooooong time. The DVDs should be coming out soon. When? I can't remember right now. I will probably go with the Target version again. Or maybe I'll go whole hog and get both the Target and the Wal-mart versions. It depends on how hard the impulse-buy bug is biting me on the ass the first day they are available.

Sure, it has nothing to do with Twilight, but the new Harry Potter movie opens on Friday!! I didn't see the last one in the theatre (lazy ass fan that I am) so can't wait to see this one. I am in awe of how well-done the movies are! It will be so sad when there aren't any more of them!! She has GOT to write some James, Lily, and Sirius books (hope, hope, hope).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Many days late..

...and I'm finally going to see Eclipse at the theatre with my bestie. Why have I not seen it yet after practically foaming at the mouth during the countdown on my widget? RL got in the way pretty much the whole fucking month so far. Extensive dental work, sucky times at job (mostly due to my various problems rather than the job, to be fair), and just plain old fucking laziness! I have to remember to have the PEs ready to go - don't want them to miss out!! Because I'm a major bitch, I will probably bitch about stuff but from everything I've read/seen so far (on much better blogs than this one), is mostly positive.

My concerns: Is KStew gonna mumble, blink, or stutter excessively (hopefully less excessively than Twilight, I hope)? Will I be able to look past Robward's shiteous sideburns to enjoy his acting...and other stuff? Will Jacksper's wig make me want to hurl? Will the newborns be scary or just a large pack of dorks? Will Bryce's atrocious wig detract from her performance as much as I think it will (she is NOT Victoria, of course - Rachelle is)? Will Carlisle's strange accent distract me from his terrible wardrobe and smokin' hot looks?

All these questions will be answered soon...if/when I remember to blog. Such a luxury. If I had one of those famous Twilight blogs, I'd actually have to write something at least remotely entertaining every day. However, lots of other people do that so I don't have to. Thank goodness!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Having Fun with Blogger Templates

Gee - more ways to mess up how this ridiculous blog looks! Hope it isn't too terrible (but it really is). Now if I could just figure out how to shrink the banner...

I heard that Rob was great on Leno the other night. I always forget to check the Lexicon to see when/where he is going to be on TV. I am such a lazy fan! However, I do have a couple of new widgets -->. Enjoy.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's Time (or about time) for Rob Interviews!

Yay Eclipse for only being however many days away that my widget says it is! Let the Rob interviews commence! I hope they're more fun than the New Moon ones were. I hope he's just as adorkable as he was during the Twilight interviews. I don't envy his life at all - filming, interviews, nutjob fans...oh wait. I'm a fan but not one of those batshit crazy ones that waits to ambush him at talk show entrances. Certainly not like that broad (I can call her a broad because she went from fan to nutso in 0.05 seconds when he was filming Remember Me. We all know who I mean!). I envy the bitch for touching the precious but have to shake my head in disgust over her behavior. If only he would ambush me that way. I wouldn't mind at all although the shock would probably kill me. What a way to die!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bad Blogger!

Yes, I am a bad blogger! Too overwhelmed with RL to write anything interesting, I guess. Okay, so who else thinks that WFE Rob is the hottness? I saw one photo of him just sitting in the grass that was such a nice one. He looked happy and at peace. Goodness knows, he could use a break!

C'mon June 30th!! A friend and I are going to a marathon where we get to watch all three movies in a row! Can't wait!! Will do my best to ignore the mumbling, blinking, and stuttering in Twilight. Will do my best to ignore Edward's grandpa clothes in New Moon. Hope I don't have to ignore anything in Eclipse (yeah, right) although I am sure there will be at least five or so heinous moments (like why don't the Newborns swim already?) that I will have to turn a blind eye to. Of course Pocket Edward will be going with us - maybe both of them (regular and sparkly). Pocket Edward #1 hasn't been anywhere in ages and Sparkly Pocket Edward hasn't been anywhere at all. Don't be surprised if they pick fights with other Pocket Edwards (or just with each other) while we're out!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rob's Heinous Outfit and My Thoughts About It

Okay, Rob, what the fuck was up with those frightenly-awful khaki disaster pants that day? Did you let KStew dress you to keep us whores away? They are so wrong in so many ways! You, of course, don't need to dress for your fans. We'd fantasize about jumping you no matter what you did (or didn't) wear. My ultimate fear: that you'll wear those heinous pants with the equally heinous puffy brown jacket. Ack! Didn't need that visual! Where's the brain bleach for that horrible visual. Ew, just ew! I know you don't read this crap so I hope no one else gives you the idea to put that hellish outfit together. While I don't like the Adidas you insist on wearing, at least they aren't those shiteous Nikes!!!

Poor Rob. He can't even have a wardrobe malfunction without massive analysis online (have a look at Letters to Rob - totally hilar)! as to WTF he wore what he did. I like the haircut, though. It must be relief for him to get rid of the shaggy mess he was sporting in Bel Ami. Anyway, that heinous outfit would look best of all on the floor. In my bedroom.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rob's Birthday

Today is Rob's birthday. Women everywhere can now feel just a little better about lusting after a 24-year-old than slobbering over a 23-year-old. We will just look the other way about our own approaching birthdays!

The new Eclipse footage looks promising except that Edward wouldn't let Jake get to him, at least not visibly, like in that scene with Charlie. More Charlie = good! I don't feel so creeptastic about leering at him! I'm skipping through Eclipse just to, uh, refresh my memory. I should have that book about memorized now. It's my favorite so I've read it the most times. How many times? I have fucking lost count.