Monday, November 15, 2010

A Rob Meme

Yes, it's the Twi-meme seen 'round the world. The Twiworld, that it. You know - the only world that really matters, natch. What I wouldn't give to snag that bad boy (and the photo) to put in here but no luck so far.

I went to see Eclipse so long ago that reviewing it here is pointless. I let my sorry little excuse for a blog all on its lonesome for a loooooong time. The DVDs should be coming out soon. When? I can't remember right now. I will probably go with the Target version again. Or maybe I'll go whole hog and get both the Target and the Wal-mart versions. It depends on how hard the impulse-buy bug is biting me on the ass the first day they are available.

Sure, it has nothing to do with Twilight, but the new Harry Potter movie opens on Friday!! I didn't see the last one in the theatre (lazy ass fan that I am) so can't wait to see this one. I am in awe of how well-done the movies are! It will be so sad when there aren't any more of them!! She has GOT to write some James, Lily, and Sirius books (hope, hope, hope).

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