Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Many days late..

...and I'm finally going to see Eclipse at the theatre with my bestie. Why have I not seen it yet after practically foaming at the mouth during the countdown on my widget? RL got in the way pretty much the whole fucking month so far. Extensive dental work, sucky times at job (mostly due to my various problems rather than the job, to be fair), and just plain old fucking laziness! I have to remember to have the PEs ready to go - don't want them to miss out!! Because I'm a major bitch, I will probably bitch about stuff but from everything I've read/seen so far (on much better blogs than this one), is mostly positive.

My concerns: Is KStew gonna mumble, blink, or stutter excessively (hopefully less excessively than Twilight, I hope)? Will I be able to look past Robward's shiteous sideburns to enjoy his acting...and other stuff? Will Jacksper's wig make me want to hurl? Will the newborns be scary or just a large pack of dorks? Will Bryce's atrocious wig detract from her performance as much as I think it will (she is NOT Victoria, of course - Rachelle is)? Will Carlisle's strange accent distract me from his terrible wardrobe and smokin' hot looks?

All these questions will be answered soon...if/when I remember to blog. Such a luxury. If I had one of those famous Twilight blogs, I'd actually have to write something at least remotely entertaining every day. However, lots of other people do that so I don't have to. Thank goodness!

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