Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It must be said

It must be said: Rob's BAFTA hair was a freaking disaster. Clearly his stylist was looking the other way when the hair happened and when s/he saw it, it was too late to fix it! But we did get to see a few sex stares and a laugh or two so all was not lost. I am going to cut him a break this time because he probably has to have his hair long for Bel Ami.

I am nearly finished with Breaking Dawn for the gazillionth time. I wade through the lame parts to get to the parts I like. Jacob's POV is great, IMO. The imprint thing is pretty creepy, even though Renesmee isn't a normal child. Ick. I don't mind her name though.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Details, Details

Could this day be any less interesting? No new trash-talk about Rob to gossip about. That Details shoot was, well, kinda boring. I'm glad that he mentioned that he had a hangover - it explains a lot. I guess men (except for hungover Rob) like that model taco stuff. Srsly.

Here are some of my many questions:
Who wants to look at anyone's privates for 12 hours?
And who the hell picked those wacked-out shoes from the bizarre bearskin photos?
Wassup with the model in the tub where Rob has his hand in the water? And who wants to touch other people's bath water anyway??
Who picked out the clothes - some of the stuff was good and some of it was kinda like they gave Rob some say in the wardrobe like in New Moon.

Some of the photos are good but I'm not buying the magazine. I have no interest in seeing model tacos in various bizarre positions.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Banner!!!

Wowzers! Watch Rob make his amazing Vanity Fair kung-fu moves! Thanks so much to Jeanette at Robmusement for the above wonderfulness!!! Thankfully, we don't have to see what happened when he landed. I wish wish wish I had turned fangirl earlier - then I would have gotten that issue and the GQ that has SadRob in it. What does this all have to do with Twilight? Not much. I'm rereading Breaking Dawn...again. One part I like, and it's gushy, is where Bella feels like she is finally as she was meant to be - a vampire. I've even gotten used to Renesmee's goofy-ass name (except, like Bella, I don't like the nickname "Nessie").

That David Slade is so stingy with the Eclipse teasers! Bad, bad man! There are zillions of fangirls just panting to see them (I'm not panting but I want to see them!).

I did watch the video somewhere (I think it was either Twicrack Addict or Robsessed) that says there are some cool new action figures being released after the New Moon DVD is released. There's even gonna be a SparkleEdward! If only they could make the action figure actually look like Edward from the end of New Moon (minus the heinous wardrobe)! I keep starting to buy Guidoward but he's just too awful.

PE is still standing on my bedside table. He watches me while I sleep.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh, Hell

I'm assuming we've all seen that train-wreck photo of BeardRob. It's just wrong, Rob. Srsly. Wrong. And Kellan in his CK unnawares!! Whoa - almost makes up for BeardRob! Kellan has absolutely no shame - thank God. Now why can't we get some of those kind of photos of Rob? Certainly Rob probly doesn't have muscles in amazing places like Kellan does, but Rob has the happy trail! I love me some happy trail. But for today, I'm stealing this photo from Robmusement's most recent tweet: