Saturday, February 20, 2010

Details, Details

Could this day be any less interesting? No new trash-talk about Rob to gossip about. That Details shoot was, well, kinda boring. I'm glad that he mentioned that he had a hangover - it explains a lot. I guess men (except for hungover Rob) like that model taco stuff. Srsly.

Here are some of my many questions:
Who wants to look at anyone's privates for 12 hours?
And who the hell picked those wacked-out shoes from the bizarre bearskin photos?
Wassup with the model in the tub where Rob has his hand in the water? And who wants to touch other people's bath water anyway??
Who picked out the clothes - some of the stuff was good and some of it was kinda like they gave Rob some say in the wardrobe like in New Moon.

Some of the photos are good but I'm not buying the magazine. I have no interest in seeing model tacos in various bizarre positions.

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