Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rob's Heinous Outfit and My Thoughts About It

Okay, Rob, what the fuck was up with those frightenly-awful khaki disaster pants that day? Did you let KStew dress you to keep us whores away? They are so wrong in so many ways! You, of course, don't need to dress for your fans. We'd fantasize about jumping you no matter what you did (or didn't) wear. My ultimate fear: that you'll wear those heinous pants with the equally heinous puffy brown jacket. Ack! Didn't need that visual! Where's the brain bleach for that horrible visual. Ew, just ew! I know you don't read this crap so I hope no one else gives you the idea to put that hellish outfit together. While I don't like the Adidas you insist on wearing, at least they aren't those shiteous Nikes!!!

Poor Rob. He can't even have a wardrobe malfunction without massive analysis online (have a look at Letters to Rob - totally hilar)! as to WTF he wore what he did. I like the haircut, though. It must be relief for him to get rid of the shaggy mess he was sporting in Bel Ami. Anyway, that heinous outfit would look best of all on the floor. In my bedroom.

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