Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Those Damned Fanfics again, Daytime TV, and the Scifi Channel

I decided to count how many of the fuckers I'm reading. I've started reading over 35 of them with being several chapters into about 20 of them. Good thing my desk chair is comfortable - I hardly leave my desk at all some days. Especially on days when I read fanfic to scrub the scum from work out of my head. It really isn't a scummy job - it just can be extremely mentally tiring some days.

I haven't found out yet what was said on Oprah today - just waiting for someone else to summarize it so I can read what they said. I am counting on Letters to Rob for the deets tomorrow morning. I refuse to watch her show - I strongly suspect it causes brain damage in many cases.

Daytime TV is kind of like another universe, especially the network channels. Except on weekends, I mostly default to Syfy. The weekend movies suck, though. There was a movie on Syfy a few weeks ago called "Mega-Piranha." I watched it just to see how bad it was and just about laughed my ass off! It would have been less funny if the hilarity would have been on purpose. Classic shot? Giant piranha leaping out of the ocean and snagging a helicopter. Let me tell you, it just doesn't get any funnier than that!! The special effects were just as atrocious as the acting was. Win-win!

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