Monday, April 12, 2010

Fanfics again

It just keeps getting worse! I'm finally paying to recommendations and finding that most of the recommends are just awesome! I looked at the clock and realized that I have spent over 2 1/2 hours on that shit. Except that it isn't shit! What a bunch of creative and talented writers there are out there!

Back to Breaking Dawn. For some reason, once I get to the part where they realize the Volturi are coming (twss), I stop reading and move on to something else or just go back to Twilight. New Moon, while I really like it, is very hard for me to read. I can feel Bella's pain so clearly. That book always makes me cry - a lot.

Back to Windows 7: I have decided that it has some super-cool attributes so I may not hate it anymore. I may upgrade my computer with it someday. Too bad it costs so much!!! I need to take some classes, too, to learn more about it & MS office 07 (and the upcoming office 10). I always have plans and ideas; now just to get off my ass and implement them!

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