Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Windows 7 - again

What does Windows 7 have to do with Twilight? Not a damned thing! However, I have decided that 7 does have some features that are better than Vista and XP. The Windows exploder isn't as good, IMO.

Well, I'd best get back to the crap pile that is my living room and continue to try to make some order out of the chaos! It will sure be great to not want to throw a tantrum every time I have to move eight things to get to the one thing I want (the one thing, in this case, is not Rob). Since I can't hang anything on the walls with nails (plaster walls and nervous homeowners), I'm going to have to use the walls over my desk as bulletin boards. Just stick the crap right up on the walls. It'll be a PitA but eventually worth it, especially once I get a decent desk in here. Needless to say, my office area is also my Rob area. Since I am stuck in this corner, several hours a day, why not have great scenery? I caved and got an Eclipse Edward poster. So sue me. My family thinks I have lost my fucking mind.


  1. My husband has no idea the depth this obsession runs! My kids just think I've lost it :)


  2. My nieces think it's hilarious that I have a Rob calendar over my desk. I haven't let them see the Rob wallpaper. Then they'll know for sure that I've lost it!


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