Friday, April 2, 2010

Fanfic is eating my life

I used to laugh about the fanfic whores out there. I scoffed and thought, "That will never happen to me." Shit. Now I'm reading 10 of the damned things and checking them daily for updates even though I get update notices. This is really cutting into my reading-actual-books time. I'm glad that there are plenty of good ones without smut (or very little smut) in them. Just not much into lemons when I read any kind of fiction. Besides, lemons aren't in the original spirit of the books! Just sayin'.

Just finished reading Eclipse again. I love the conversation Bella has with her mother in the first chapter of Breaking Dawn. Even though I'd rather Stephenie finish Midnight Sun, I am looking forward to the story about Bree. Even though she has such a small part to play, I always wondered about her. How it really was for her as a Newborn. Maybe writing about Bree has put her in the mood to finish Midnight Sun? We can only hope.

I just looked up at my Rob calendar. Time to switch from the March sex stare to April. I will miss the sex stare. Doesn't matter, though. I have a fuckton of sex stare photos on my hard drive. Better ones than on the calendar! Maybe I should print out some of those photos. I think the sex stare should be easily visible at all times - even when the computer is shut off.

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