Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bad Blogger!

Yes, I am a bad blogger! Too overwhelmed with RL to write anything interesting, I guess. Okay, so who else thinks that WFE Rob is the hottness? I saw one photo of him just sitting in the grass that was such a nice one. He looked happy and at peace. Goodness knows, he could use a break!

C'mon June 30th!! A friend and I are going to a marathon where we get to watch all three movies in a row! Can't wait!! Will do my best to ignore the mumbling, blinking, and stuttering in Twilight. Will do my best to ignore Edward's grandpa clothes in New Moon. Hope I don't have to ignore anything in Eclipse (yeah, right) although I am sure there will be at least five or so heinous moments (like why don't the Newborns swim already?) that I will have to turn a blind eye to. Of course Pocket Edward will be going with us - maybe both of them (regular and sparkly). Pocket Edward #1 hasn't been anywhere in ages and Sparkly Pocket Edward hasn't been anywhere at all. Don't be surprised if they pick fights with other Pocket Edwards (or just with each other) while we're out!!

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