Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's Time (or about time) for Rob Interviews!

Yay Eclipse for only being however many days away that my widget says it is! Let the Rob interviews commence! I hope they're more fun than the New Moon ones were. I hope he's just as adorkable as he was during the Twilight interviews. I don't envy his life at all - filming, interviews, nutjob fans...oh wait. I'm a fan but not one of those batshit crazy ones that waits to ambush him at talk show entrances. Certainly not like that broad (I can call her a broad because she went from fan to nutso in 0.05 seconds when he was filming Remember Me. We all know who I mean!). I envy the bitch for touching the precious but have to shake my head in disgust over her behavior. If only he would ambush me that way. I wouldn't mind at all although the shock would probably kill me. What a way to die!!

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