Saturday, January 30, 2010

Truly a Desert (Not Dessert - Except for the Wallpapers)

And what a dry, empty desert it is! Worse than Yuma, AZ in August (I oughta know - I lived there back in the dark ages)! At least there are some yummy wallpapers and the new EW outtakes to help tide us over. NinjaRob is pretty funny, especially considering how he probably landed. Not nice to say but it is kinda endearing that he is not the most nimble person. And then there is the photo that looks like he got a whiff of his own 'pits. Whew! Hope not!

We have Remember Me and the release of the New Moon DVD to look forward to. This time I'm gonna splurge and get the Target 3-disk set - something I swore I'd never do for a Twilight movie! The extras have been worth the extra money whenever I've gotten the DVDs with them (like Fellowship of the Ring).

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