Thursday, March 4, 2010

Commando Watch

This is interesting: slobbering and drooling over the Precious is not enough - now we've got to know if he's wearing manties or not?! Do we really want to know? Of fucking course!! It amazes me that with the amount of press coverage Rob gets that we don't know such basic details already! We've seen him party, get staggering drunk, hide out with Mulletsten, and hang out by dumpsters but there really is very little real information about him! At least we know he shops for his manties at M&S. I guess that's something.

I found a great blog with lots of reading to tide us over during the time we're waiting for RM, the NM DVD release, and Eclipse: Bewitched Bookworms! Lots of great recommendations there for reading material. Head on over there, fellow supernatural YA fiction fans (and everyone else)!

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