Monday, March 22, 2010

The DVD - like anything else is going on

I scored my 3-disc deluxe set at Target on Saturday (only a couple of those left!). Have I watched it yet? NO. I don't have my DVD player set up yet (mainly because I can't find it) due my cluster-fuck of a move in January. That's right. January. But it came with a cell with Edward in it! Yay! I can look at that cell whilst thinking of the movie and the extra 2 discs of various stuff I'm not watching right now. Instead of looking for the DVD player, I'm blogging. Much more productive, no?

So what's up with that photo of Rob in Bel Ami? And that questionable area we're all wondering about? We all wanna know, Rob.

Rereading parts of New Moon to get ready for watching the movie again. I must bow my head in shame - I only saw it once in the theater. Bad fan! Bad fan! Have already made plans for Eclipse. My friend and I and PE are defs going the day after it opens. Just too damned old anymore to do midnight showings! Maybe I can get a group of us to go - I finally have more than one friend who is a Twifan! Ya know how it is out here in the middle of nowhere...mostly tweens, not grown-ups. Bleah. Boring.

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