Thursday, March 18, 2010

Windows 7 SUCKS

Yes, it does what your vacuum cleaner does. And very aggressively! Even the earth's gravity does not suck as much as Windows 7. Suckity Suckity Sucks!! I'm helping my mother get files off her old XP machine on to the new 7 machine. The Windows Exploder is almost completely useless. I've used the fucking exploder since Windows 95 and it never failed me until now. I am somehow reminded of Windows Me - it's nothing but a lame-ass fucking virus, not an O/S. And people think Vista sucks!! Give me Win 2000 over that fucking piece of shit!

Now, on to Twi-stuff. I am suffering from indecision about New Moon: Target? Wally World? Borders? Decisions, decisions. I'm too old (and disinterested) to go to a release party so I'll just have to hope for the (yawn) best. I'm leaning towards Target because everyone knows that the 7-minute excerpt from Eclipse will be leaked so why buy it at Wally World? As of right now, I'm planning on the Target version. More stuff for my money! Chris, you'd better do some good commentary! Twihards all over the world depend on you, Mr DILF. If anyone was reading this sorry-ass piece of the blogiverse, I'd ask you to comment with your choice. Since it's only me, me, and me here, never mind!

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