Monday, November 2, 2009

Family Concerned

My mother pulled me aside and told me that she really thinks I should stop reading "those vampire books." She is concerned that it will affect my religious beliefs! I told her that, like Dungeons & Dragons (she worried about that, too), I am aware that it is FICTION and not REAL. That I perfectly understand the difference between fiction and reality. She still seems concerned.

Too funny! If she knew the extent of my Twilight addiction, she'd really be worried. I read lots of Twilight blogs but only the sarcastic ones. And the ones with lots of photos! Team Edward all the way but can sorta see the appeal of Jacob. The only sad thing is that with Edward, Bella gets to live with him forever. With Jacob, he will outlive her by many, many years. I still think he should be with Leah, not Renesmee! Imprinting with a baby? Whatevs.

I've got another friend who is a Twilight fan (although not as addicted as I am) to go and see New Moon with! Usually I have to go to these important events alone. Thankfully, my brother was here to go with to see the new Star Trek movie!

My primary interest in Twilight is not the vampire angle so much as the relationships. Edward and Bella, Carlisle and Esme, Emmett and Rosalie, and my favoritest couple, Alice and Jasper! The imprinting with the wolves is interesting too. How wonderful yet annoying to find your mate without control!


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