Sunday, November 1, 2009

Inaugural Post

Do I like Twilight? Books or Movies?

Of COURSE I like Twilight! Why TF would I choose this name for my stupid blog?

Twilight the book is way better than Twilight the movie. In fact the only redeeming features of the movie are RPattz and Billy Burke. Hey, I'm old. Billy Burke seems a little more in my age range than Rob.

However, there is no comparison to the hottness that is Robert Pattinson! I don't care how, what, where, or why they found him, but I sure am glad that they did! He isn't quite what I envisioned when I read the books but he comes fairly close. At least the hair color is correct.

Acting quality: varies widely from actor to actor. KStew is really good at blinking, frowning, & stuttering. She also has crappy posture. If you look at photos from her other movies, the posture and frown are also there. She looks sort of right to be Bella but I picture a softer, more vulnerable-looking person playing Bella. Who would I cast? No idea.

Billy Burke steals every single scene he's in! Srsly! The shotgun/halo scenes are absolutely hilarious! Just what you want to see before you introduce your boyfriend to your father: shotguns on the kitchen table!

Gil Birmingham isn't at all how I envisioned Billy Black but he makes it work.

Taylor Lautner as Jacob? Well, mostly for the pre-werewolf part he's pretty good. I know there was a huge dispute over it but since after he turned werewolf he looked 25, another similar-looking and older actor may have been better. Maybe they could have started a new guy in Eclipse. I must admit that he sure worked hard on the muscling-up. Kid is buff! He also dresses well for awards shows. Unlike RPattz, he clearly has either good taste or a good stylist.

Bella's high-school friends were annoying in the movie. They weren't as annoying in the books. Eric in the book is just a doofus. Eric in the movie is like listening to a really terrible musician who refuses to quit playing. Ew. The other kids are okay. I'm glad that Lauren didn't appear in the movie. She was a major witch-with-a-B.

What other comments can I think of? Nothing for now.

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  1. Big fan of twilight! I can not wait till New Moon!!! Your right when you RPatz is hot. They picked out good actors for Twilight.


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