Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Movie Thoughts

I agree with most of Jenny's review on Twitarded except I kinda liked Alice's clothes.

I have to admit that KStew's performance was really good. She managed to look sad without eye-fluttering (that I noticed). I like how Chris Weitz got so many things right: the passage of time during Bella's semi-catatonic months, Volterra, the nearly perfect synchronization of the soundtrack with the scenes, and the wolves. I don't like: Edward's wardrobe and the weird Disney/Sound of Music-ness of Alice's vision of Edward and Bella (presumably from BD).

The movie made me sad for a couple of days. Bella's misery was portrayed quite well and it was hard to separate myself from that sadness (I sometimes over-empathize with intense emotions in movies). Not many movies have this impact on me. I appreciate it when they do.

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