Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Team Don't-Give-A-Crapsten

Like we didn't all know. Srsly. Hell, even my 3-year-old niece knows and she doesn't have any computer skills. What do we do now? We wait!! They're young. He's fuckhawt and she wears roadkill on her head - there's a limited shelf-life on this one, guys. (As if anyone is reading my blog besides me.) I don't have any objection to her personally except she's shagging HHH!! Hellooo - there are people further up (that's what she said) in line for that shiz, girlfriend! I am, of course, not in the running and I'm okay with that. It's just that besides being pretty and skinny, she doesn't have all that much going for her. Bitch (mainly I call her that because she is pretty and skinny, not because she is shagging Rob)! However, being pretty, skinny, and doing Robalicious, is just fucking not fair!! As I've said elsewhere, fuckety fuck fuck fuck!

As I said, now we wait for it all to blow up. As fans, we can be annoyed, but as women, we know he'll get tired of her. Because there are millions of us out here that he could have instead!!

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  1. First time to do this kind of thing - guess there still ARE some firsts in life lol! Just another OTH chick checking this studmuffin out!

    Glad to find the blog and looking forward to some more jucy info.

    Thanks for th efun site and "insite" on our fine friend....Yum-o-licious


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